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Thai Language - Times

The day is roughly divided into 4 parts and hence you will notice how the name of the hours change through the different parts of the day. As you can see how complicated it is, it would be equally complicated to translate that time system to the English time system.

English Thai
The hours
Midnight Tiang Khuen
1 am Tee Neung
2 am Tee Song
3 am Tee Sahm
4 am Tee See
5 am Tee Hah
6 am Hok Mong Chao
7 am Jet Mong Chao
8 am Pairt Mong Chao
9 am Kao Mong Chao
10 am Sip Mong Chao
11 am Sip Et Mong Chao
12 pm (noon) Tiang
1 pm Bai Mong
2 pm Bai Song Mong
3 pm Bai Sahm Mong
4 pm Bai See Mong
5 pm Hah Mong Yen
6 pm Hok Mong Yen
7 pm Neung Toom
8 pm Song Toom *
9 pm Sahm Toom *
10 pm See Toom
11 pm Hah Toom
5 minutes Hah Naatee
10 minutes Sip Naatee
15 minutes Sip Hah Naatee
20 minutes Yee sip Naatee
25 minutes Yee sip hah Naatee
30 minutes Sahm sip Naatee
Half hour Kreuang Chua Mong
One hour Neung Chua Mong
Two hours Song Chua Mong
24 hours Yee Sip See Chua Mong
What time is it? Kee Mong
Miscellaneous time related phrases
Short time (temporary) Chua Kraw
All night Thung Kheun
Day time (mid-day) Klang Wan
Morning Ton Chao
Afternoon Ton Bai
Evening Ton Yen
Today Wan Nee
Tomorrow Proong Nee
Yesterday Meua Waan
When? Meua Rai


* Sometimes you may hear a girl telling you that she will meet you at 2 o'clock in the evening, what she means is Song Toom which translates to 8 pm in the evening.


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