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Bangkok Soapy Massage Discussions

#8 at annies » My first and only experience at a soapy. It sucked.

(long) soapy report CP1-CP2

2 girls » Do 2 girls perform?

2 Questions - Posiedon and Video

24 Hour massage parlors

A Hard/Firm Massage

About Monika » students?

About tipping in massage » all of you over tip

Access to Plaza » Hotel Suggestion

actresses or models » any luck?

Advice on MP girl

Advice, information and suggestions please

Amari Airport hotel » Amari Airport hotel

anal sex

Annie's *WARNING* high risk for gonorrhea » unhealthy and run down place.

Annie's is going downhill » ripoff!!!!

Annie's Massage » Soapy Massage

Annie's Update » Late Night Fun


Annies, Darling, CM2 » Massage

Annies » latest information

Any Caucasians in MPs? » Searching for the something white

Any Cutie Chinese-Thai MG? » Could anyone can tell which MP has the most choices?

Any MP or action around WTC area?

Any update about girls at Annie's? » best sweeties

Anyone been to Subway Thai Massage » Need Help..

Anyone here go message together

April 1st article in NATION/ to do away with soapys » no more soapys?????

Are high end MP's worth it? » Is the sex better?

Are MP girls safer or are gogo girls safer? » Which girls pose greater risk?

Are the massage girls tested??

are there any massage parlours open 24 hours?

Atami MP ? » location of Atami

Atami » avoiding taxi surcharge

Auf Weidersehn Pet Xmas Special (final) » They went to bkk for soapy? which one was it?

Average cost of massage across the board » Range from the lowest to the highest

back to J One

Backdoor Action » Where can I get some..?

Bahamast » Need Thai Translation

BAHAMAS » Ratchada soi 9

Bangkok Cozy Massage » Reopened

Bangkok Cozy, Juliana & Riviera   » info wanted

Bangkok Cozy » 2 Questions

Bath and Traditional Massage at CP2

BBBJ Advice

BBBJ at massage parlours

Beautiful Russian girls?

best 3girl massage » which place is good for 3 girl together message??

Best body massage » What is the best body massage in BKK?

Best Fishbowl Stunners » where do u think are the best ones?

Best Girls In Bangkok

Best MP in BKK » Which is the best MP in BKK?

Best MP with english or chinese speaking girls?

best of the best » money is not a problem

Best one? » Where to go?

Best place for dating?

Beware of russian situation in Bangkok

Big Breast Girls Massage » - Any tip where to go in BKK?

Big Breast Girls MP BKK » Location of BBG MP

Biwa Cafe busted?

Biwa Cafe » Anybody any advice

BKK Mp Business Hours » Update on opening times

bkk, rio, or amsterdam? » thai beauties, brazilian ass, or rld?

body massage using rubber mattress

Body to body massage for a couple ?

Brand New MP - Malenna » Another MP but trying to get there could be a problem

Buy out a contract » What cost to free a girl from a contract

Buying a "part-time" girl out from Nataree?

Buying Out a Girl from Annie's

Caesars Entertainment » Oil massage available!


Can I do anal sex in Poseidon?

Can I do this? » Massage places

Can MP girls refuse a 'client' ? » Can they say: No like this 'hansum' man

Can't remember which MP » Any ideas?

Carnation Entertainment » ???

Catherines MP » Anyone tries this MP?


Caucasian Females

champ elysees

Champs Ely'sees MP

Champs Elys'ees » Charming Girls

chao phraya 2 massage parlour » two same named opposite each other?

Chao Phya 2 » Not that good.

Chao Phya 2 » Opinions about this place.

Chaophaya Park Hotel » Chaophaya Park Hotel

Chavalla II » Sukhumvit Soi 34... Any update

cheap body massage parlours » cheap body massage parlours

Cheap Charlie in search of cheap soapy » Best value for no money

Chinatown » Any places to go?


Christina » Is it a good massage parlour ?

Cleopatra Membership

Colonze 2 » open last Sunday?

Colonze and Catherine

Colonze,Hi Class,Melrose » Opening times ?

Colonze » info ?

Colonze » Nice choice !

colours in fishbowl

convince me (please)

Copa Cabana Update? » Any update on Copa Cabana

Copa Cabana » First FR Posting

Copa Cabana

cost of massage » cost

Counter V Karaoke » Has Anyone been to this place?

Couples are welcomed in Poseidon. » To those who are interested.

Couples Massage

CP1 worth trying

CP2 experience

CP2 massage


CP3 » Where & anygood

CPII and other interest » Always satisfied in Bangkok

Credit card usage » what places allow you to use plastic

Cumming & not cumming » Why the angst if one doesn't 'cum'?

Cupidy HC at Plaza Entertainment Complex » 191 the most beautiful?

Cupidy is bkk's largest MP

Cupidy Massage » Basement of Plaza Entertainment

Cupidy Update

Cute Sideliners in MP´s » Where and when to go...

Darling Massage Parlor » Darling Massage Parlor

Darling or Annie » Sandwich massage

Darlings MP » Lost my virginity

darlings sandwiches » 2 tg's

Did I pay too much?

Dinners at MPs » Any good dinners at the MPs ?

Discount on Colonze's Nuru Nuru service » 50% discount for "sexy lotion"

distance from nana to darling » how far is it?

do i need to ask for what i want at the door? » is it " all inclusive" ?

Do they all do it?

Do they REALLY want farangs or not? » MP sites all in Thai

Do you kiss and tell or just tell?

Do you know, I never had a SANDWICH, yet!!!??? » Best 2-Girl Sandwiches!! :)

Does this make you nervous? » No sex in massage parlours ....

Early afternoon soapy » Are there still some?

Early Open Massage Parlors » anymore after the crackdown ?

Embassy Massage » Great experience

Emmanuelle MP (BKK) FR

Emmanuelle vs Poseidon » Emmanuelle vs poseidon


Experience in Utopia & Darling » Good experience

Facials » Ok to cum in face?

fake titties » where are they

Faster Transits to Ratchida MPs » Traffic Pattern Revision Should Cut Travel Time

Fears about age » Having read through the board the 'age' issue

first soapy, wow!

First time experience: Nataree

First time in Bangkok » How do the MP's work?

First Time to Bangkok » Advice Please

Fish bowl??

Fishbowl Cam? » Does it exist?

Fishbowl rejection » Blown out in a soapy?

Garden Spa massage parlor » located in Washington Square

Getting a Taxi to Ratchada MPs » some flat out refused to take me there

Getting to Poseidon or Mirage...


Goin Deeeep...

Good cheap massage with a happy ending » Cheap Massages

Good First Time Soapy? Pls » leaving July 25th.

Guide me guys » First visit to BKK

Happy House » handy locale

HealthLand » Anybody been there??

Help me refind this place » MP locator

Hi-Class Closed for 15 Days » Chuwit strikes again


High Quality Early Soapy » Anyone know a HQES?

Honolulu Current Rating

Hot Honey at Annie's

Hours for Darling MP on weekends?

How do you deal with two » MP

How is it like? » Had oil massage many times but soapy massage is new to me

How is the money divided?

How much and where

How much to tip a MP girl

How to get to MP » Poseiden or Emmanuelle

How you spend 1.5 hour ? » How you spend 1.5 hour ?

HUA HIN » Massage in Hua Hin

I did Snow.

I love that » summary for few sopay massage

I want to know the MP rules » Want to know MP have what limit?

If you had 3 places to go in BKK » advice

In search of the ultimate » Can I have it all?

Info on CP3 on Valentine? » MPs in Banglap (Pinklao)

Is Emmanuelle the most expensive?

Is mona lisa in walking distance

Is Poseidon the best. » In BKK for a night

Is Poseidon the one?

J One

J.One » Any opinions

J1 Massage » Stay Away

Japanese massage (and sex) in BKK? » Japanese girls in BKK?

JUST CURIOUS ??? » MP girls " cut "   $$$

Kataree in Patpong Soi 1 » Has anyone been there?

Krungthon complex? » where is it?

Krungthon Complex » has anyone been there?

La Defense (where Juliana used to be) » is it any good?

Ladyboy massage parlors

Ladyboy massage » Any massage staffed by ladyboys

late close » worth checking out-

Late night at Annies » 1AM

Late Night in Nana Area » start time about0030hrs

Late Night Massage » Early Arrival

Late Night Soapy » Need a soapy start at 1am??

late night soapy

List the Cheapest MP in Bankok » SH-gone, Zodiac-nofarang wheres cheap MP now

Litte Ratchada Update » Mirage, Nataree, Emanuelle and High Class

Long Beach » new name for Honolulu

Looking for a beautiful TG » Beautiful TG's

Looking for a gal who recently work at Emmanuelle (no. 147) » help needed

looking for Am soapy

Looking for ideas » Massage Parlours

Looking » Soapy Massage

Love Boat

Mamasan/papasan » Who are they?

Marlena massage » ever been?

Masako Massage » Perfect!!

Massage & Discoteques » experience

massage clubs on Pattanakarn?? » anyone with info??

massage in 5 star hotel » massage in 5 star hotel

Massage in Patpong?

massage near amari watergate hotel

massage near nana hotel » massage

Massage Parlor on Weekend » Are there lots of customers on weekend?

Massage Parlor With No Farang Surcharge

Massage Parlors for Women? » Woman Solo in Massage Parlor

massage parlours » just one cum?

Massage Tax?

massage/sex for couple » soapy massage

Massages and Soaps » You like?

massage » Eden in bangkok

Melrose Plaza, Bangkhae » anyone tried this place

Melrose Plaza » Prices ?

Melrose Plaza » Soapy Massage

Meree Massage (the update) » Current prices as of 08/30/2005

meree » current prices?

Mirage - one of the best !


Momo's Extasy » Japanese Costume Play Go-Go

Mona Lisa (next to siam hotel) » any comments

Mona Lisa » Current Prices?

Most number of MP girls in a session » what's yours?

MP around JW Mariott

MP Butterfly? » Just a Go-go bar thing?

MP Card- Need for Meree » Anyone have a card from Meree?

MP closet to airport » Closest MP for some fun between flights?

Mp closing times update » update

MP for asians

MP girl 24 hr rate » what can I expect to pay?

MP girls allow you to treat them like g/friends? » can i have fun with them?

MP girls experience » far right in fishbowl most experienced?

MP in remote areas of BKK » Worth the trouble??

MP Near Empire's Palace? » Pinklao

MP near Pathumwan Princess?

MP Parties? » 3 Guys, 10 girls, How does it work?

MP Price and services question » Can anyone tell me what does it mean?

MP rooms without mats? WTF? » Which soapies offer the slide?

MP's Business Hours » Pls updates me

MP's with pool bed/inflatable raft » inflatable rafts

mps and butterflies

MPs with Girls wearing Bikini? » MPs with Girls wearing Bikini?

MPS with jacuzzi hot tubs

Muff diving » Misc

My first MP tomorrow » Which MP do you recommend?

My One night in Bangkok

My trip to Annies

Nancystar Massage » any experience with this place ?

Narrowing my soapy plans...

Nataree 2

Nataree 2

Nataree II

Nataree Massage

near the Marriott » 4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2,

New Champs Elysées

New Cleopatra massage palour?

New Cleopatra, Mirage, Emmanuelle » Comparison

New Cleopatra: Website down, open for business? » New Cleopatra Massage Parlor

New kind of B-course

New MP opposite Biwa » Who knows any details ?

New opening hours ahead again? » Will the new lawsapply to MPs as well?

New Petchaburi Massage Pricing » Recent Prices

New to BKK » MP

New York » tried it?

Newbie help please - Annies and other MPs

newbie question

Noar Entertainment » New girl Map/Nongmap

Noar Massage » Good and bad feedback

Noontime action » Want massage in noontime

Oh Where, Oh Where! MAP (s) NE1? » Gotta Find My New Wife!

Oil b-massage & bbbj as standard? » Can you recommend such an MP?

Oil body-body MPs » Anywhere as standard?

older women » massage places for finding mature women

One night in Bangkok

one off in bkk » help for a very newby

Online MP Information

Opening hours

Osaka massage (Tharawadee) » current prices?

other massage parlours » massage parlours with girls beside thai

Outside Massage Service in hotel room » Will they let the girl in?

overcharged at Mirage?????? » overcharged at Mirage?????

Overrated » Save your  dough

Papasan's recommendation?!

Papasan's Suggestions » Papasan's Suggestions

Pasaya » located a bit past Poseidon.... new place??

Patong in Phuket! » Soapy masage in Patong?

pattaya mp's? » whereabouts please..

Penthouse girl info » Davis pictures

penthouse models

Penthouse VIPS » Where are they located?

Petchburi/Ratchada Rd. MPs » Prices quoted

Pics of girls from soapies

PICs of MP Girls

Places that do ball shavings? » ?

Plaza Entertainment fun » interesting suggestion

Plaza Entertainment » description of each floor? Much confusion!

Plaza Massage, Patpong » the lowdown, pls

Please Help » Need Advice for a Newbie

Please let this message to TEE (#16) in Darling Massage » Very important

Police at a massage parlour

Poseidon model lounge

Poseidon MP (BKK) FR

Poseidon prices

Poseidon Suite rooms » anyone used one?

Poseidon taxi directions

Poseidon, a lot » has been said already

Poseidon, No More Russkies...

poseidon » r the girls really as hot as these photos?

Price for sideline model » how much does it really costs?

Price list compiled by another site » Soapy Price List

Pricey Massage Parlours. Are they worth it? » Massage parlours seem over-rated

Q: MP within walking distance of WTC? » MP close to WTC in Bkk?

Quickie Review of MP experience » foreigner surcharge alive and well

Raid on Ratchadapisek » hit all soapies on Ratchadapisek

Rama Garden » Place of Interest

Ratchada Soapies » quickest route from Sukhumvit area

Ready, Set..... wait 10 minutes » Cannot begin immediately

Recent MP Report » Poseidon & Petchaburi MPs

Repeat Soapy with same girl! » Any thoughts

Russian & non-Thai » Massage places & nightspots for Russian & non-Thai girls

Russian girls

S. Botan MP » low-price MP

Sabai Places » Update on the Pattaya places?

sabai Room » Are these stunners any good ?

Sabailand in Pattaya » STD tests there?

Sandwich Advice » The best ingredients

Sandwich at Poseidon » Sandwich at Poseidon

Sasanka Massage » Where is it ???

September Rates » Massage Parlor rates

Shaved or Trim

Shaved pussy... » how common?

Short way to go Caesars MP from Pan Pacific

shots per MP session » On average, how many times do you get to launch per session?

Sideline girls at MPs » Sideline girls at MPs

sideline girls?????? » who what where why

Silly questions » What's the difference?

Silom Road ?

Soapy Air Mattress

Soapy lady mobile rules » Can she answer while in fishbowl

soapy massage » massage help required

Soapy massage » Nearby my hotel

Soapy Massage

Soapy near Asia Hotel » Soapy near Asia Hotel

Soapy questions and hopefully answers! » clear answers appreciated?

Soapy Top Three.

Some people are so damn unfriendly when you meet them...

SOS Utopia Info

Special threesome massage

Stamina » Advice required...

STD and blowjobs

STD Check

Subway to Poseiden » Closest stop ?

Sweat Heart Massage Soi 5 » What happened to it

sweetheart massage parlour » are there any good reports?

SWeetheart » Gone

Swinging Massage? » Is this type of massage available in Thailand?

Takara Massage » Never Gets Mentioned

Taking a bath house girl back to hotel

Taking MP Girl out

taking out sideliners. A good idea?

Talking about eating muffins » Why so big difference

Taxi 'extra-charges' for Mirage, Emmanuele, Eden? » any tricks?

Taxi Drivers Referral Fee » which MP still doing that?

Thai Girls Listed On MP Websites » Are they impossible to find or afford?

The best soapy? » Which one?

The Davis » what is this place?

The high class establixhments

The KTV in Poseidon

the perfect day? BJ + FS or FS + BJ » fullfill the day with the right schedule

Thewi massage » Don't waste your time here!

Those cars outside the MPs » whose cars are those?

Time fillers in between sex » How to recharge in between bouts

Traditional Thai Massage » Theraputic

Travelling to MP's » Is the Subway open yet ?

Tried twice, did not like » what went wrong?

Tub Action

Two Girl Specials » Soapy MP's that offer a two girl special

Two routine questions

Update on Versalle » Update on Versalle massage (Galaxy)

Upscale MP (Budget: Bt5000 for 2 hrs) » Any suggestion?

Utopia or Emanuelle

Utopia » New Massage Parlour

Utopia » Not farang-friendly

V2 advice » What to know before going there

Various MP girls pics » contents in japanese

veronica massage » veronica massage parlor

Victoria Secret

Viva Massage » Soapy massage

Wanted MP girl pics » free gallery hosting


Water Changed?

western wife wants tg » advice on threesome with western wife and thai girl

What is the BEST Soapy in Bangkok » What is the all round best Soapy in Bangkok?

What Looks Got to do With it?

What time do they open? » opening times

What to do during a short stopover in BKK? » Why flying thru BKK is there still a chance to get action?

What would the model provide in MP?? » What kind of service

WHats the Maddest Haunch? » You've Ever Pulled Off

where 2 go for best Soapy Massage

Where are all the MP girls » Its all in the timing

Where are the experiences to be had? » The best bkk bars/soapies/clubs etc etc

Where do expats live in BKK? » "One line of BS deserves another"

Where is PINGA??? » Updates of MPs with big boobed girls

Where is...??? » A great on-line map to the MP of your choice.

Where to experience my first soapy? » Do you remember your first?

Where to get good MP near airport? » Soapy Massage

where to get very good body oil massage

where was that soapy that was mentioned awhiile ago?

Where's the Best value Soapy Mattress » Good value soapy in BKK

which MP is pussy-licker-friendly?

Which MP should I choose?

Which MP's don't Have Farang Charge?

which MPs use air mattresses?

Which one shall I choose? » Please recommend something really good!

which places to avoid » and why

which soapy for last night, leaving LOS 'floating'? » where best to go for long, slow and erotic mattress-session?

Wondering if this is cool with all? » Japanese net sites with pics and names of girls.

Your Favorite MP?!

Zodiac Massage


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