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Getting your money from your ATM card

It is always a good idea to have an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) card handy. You never know when you need that extra cash. Now, even if you have a credit card, VISA/Mastercard, it is still much better to withdraw from your bank account, as credit cards not only charge you the transaction fee, there will also be some additional interest charge and a cash advance fee! Do note that, the ATM machines in Thailand charge a fee of 150-180 B per transaction, so if you're withdrawing your money, it's advisable to take a large amount each time. Most ATM machines allow you to withdraw up to 20,000 B per transaction. However, Bangkok Bank ATMs allow you a maximum of 25,000 B (you will need to enter the amount manually as their is no fast cash option for that amount).

In Bangkok, there several systems that seem to exist for most ATM tellers. They are the PLUS system (which is associated with VISA) and Cirrus (which is associated with MasterCard). When you are trying to withdraw using your ATM card, make sure the reverse of your ATM card has either one of the two logos shown below and also that the ATM teller has the matching logos. If your ATM card has the Union Pay system, the ATM fee is only 50 B (vs 150 B/180 B for the other systems).

PLUS system logo
PLUS System
Cirrus logo
Cirrus System

If you are a Mastercard holder, their website has a Mastercard ATM locator for Bangkok (and other locations as well).

Locating an ATM machine

Actually this is probably the easiests thing in Bangkok. These days, you can liteally find an ATM machine anywhere within a radius of 100 m in any direction. There is hardly any shopping mall without an ATM, in some malls, they have ATMs on every floor (e.g. Pantip Plaza). Every BTS or MRT station would have ATM machines from several banks. Almost any street (Soi) along Sukhumvit Road would have an ATM machine. Happy shopping and spending!











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