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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bangkok

This FAQ is a collection of questions that have been posted it the forum area. Please visit this page regularly as it will be expanded from time to time. If you have any questions, just contact us.

  1. How to dress?
    Dress code, casual would be fine. Jeans and T-shirt/shirt is fine. When you are in massage parlors, I have seen many clients visiting in jeans and T-shirt. In those places, it doesn't really matter since most of the action will be done naked in the room.
    If you plan to visit the discos, you are advised to wear shoes with socks and at least a pair of jeans or slacks. You could be refused entry if you arrived wearing shorts or slippers.

  2. What happens in the blow job bars?
    In blow job bars, such as Star of Light, you get to drink beer while the girl performs oral sex on you. In other bars, you go to a private area/room. In such places, I guess fingering, kissing or even sex would be possible.

  3. I am totally clean, if I do this am I pretty well destined to get the minor diseases (gonn, herpes, maybe syph) and stand a chance of getting the big HIV, or would it be just bad luck to catch the clap?
    Put on the raincoat (at all times!) when you take a shower!

  4. Hotels: I stay in 'international' hotels all the time on business, the last thing I want to do is stay somewhere similar when on holiday. I plan to spend a two or three hundred baht most nights outside of Bangkok, maybe going up to maybe 500, 600 (or even less) in the city. Somewhere clean but unostentatious, I'm not really there for the hotel! Will women I bring back be put off by this, notably the 'model' types?
    I once got a 450 B a night hotel, it was rather old and musty. I brought in a couple of girls, but there was one girl who left immediately, even though I was going to pay her 5,000 B that night. Well, if you intend to get a nice model, do stay in a nice hotel to match.

  5. Hard vs local currency. Does anyone appreciate being tipped in dollars?
    Use local currency. Sometimes, their (mental) aritmethic may not be too good. If the denominations are large enough, they will always appreciate any kind of money!

  6. Is knowing survival Thai (50 words or so) enough to get you a bit of a discount, or do you really need to speak a little better.
    It is not the language proficiency that gets you a discount, rather your experience and knowledge of the market rate. There are some here who have lived for years and still cannot speak more than 20 words.

  7. A bit off topic, but shopping for fakes - are they good quality, or just for a laugh?
    Most fakes are good for a laugh. Some of the fake lighters seem to work fine, although the casing eventually falls off.

  8. And lastly, if you were coming for a month or so, and wanted mainly to go to the beaches, dive, hang out, but also wanted to experience the Bangkok wild nights out, would you do Bangkok at the start or the end of your trip?
    Why not stay in Bangkok at the beginning and and the end of your month long trip, after all you have to fly to Bangkok first (in most cases).










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