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Glossary of terms used

5555 5 = Ha (in Thai) 5555 = Ha ha ha ha.
A+, A-Levels Anal Sex available.
Bar fine The fee paid to the bar to get the girl out of the bar, applies to go go bars and most beer bars. For more info read here.
B-Course A category of girls who give you a body-to-body massage. They are normally well endowed as well.
BBBJ Bare back blow job (just to distinguish from normal protected blow jobs, see CBJ)
BG Bar girl
BJ Blow job [with (CBJ) or without (BBBJ) a condom]
BKK Bangkok
Body Massage A massage perform with the use of the girls body, normally done with lots of suds on a rubber mattress. This is best experienced with two girls.
BTW By The Way
CBJ Covered Blow Job (blow job with condom)
CIM Come in mouth (during a BBBJ)
City of angels Bangkok. The Thai name for Bangkok is Krungthep Mahanakorn, which translates to "The great city of angels", and it certainly is!
CM2 Concept CM2 (disco at the basement of Novotel Hotel, Siam Square)
Fish bowl The glass display area showing off the beautiful girls in a massage parlor. The girls here are considered the "normal" category. Some times you will see some busty ones which are in the "B-course" category.
FJ Fuck job (sex)
GF Girl friend
GFE Girl Friend Experience
GT Gulliver's Tavern (Gulliver's Travellers Tavern) Pub/Restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 5. Favorite meeting point for the forum members.
HJ Hand job
LOL Laughing out loud
LOS Land of Smiles, sometimes Land of Scams, Land of Sheesha
LT Long Time (the whole night with the girl)
Models These girls are supposedly magazine models or some times ex-actresses. You can find them in massage establishments such as Poseidon, New Cleopatra or Champ Elysee.
MP Massage Parlor
O-Levels Oral sex (blow job with or without condom)
Oil massage You get 1 or 2 hours of oil massage. Some establishments may use herbal oils or aromatic oils.
ST – Short time We would certainly like to have as many times as possible, however the truth is that the girl expects to get out the moment you come. If you like more, then go for the Whole night
Short time hotels Rooms that can rented for a couple of hours, normally for a few hundred baht, for that good ol' quickie. Some of these places have their own porch with a curtain to keep your car covered from peering eyes. Click here.
Side line These girls in the massage parlor are not normally in the "fish bowl" area, and normally hang out around the bar or lounge area in that establishment. These girls are not required to work every day.
Soapy Massage This is more a bath service than a massage. You get a rub down from the girl with soap and water, and whatever you do after that is pretty much up to you and her. You normally get 1 1/2 to 2 hours for this.
Specialty bars Bars that are known to have special services besides serving beer or alcoholic beverages.
TC, TG Thai Chick, Thai Girl
Whole night (WT) As it implies, you get to be with her for the whole night, although it does nt imply that she would do it all night long.


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