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Bringing a girl to your hotel room

This must be one of the most frequently asked question, either in the forum or via the contact page. To save us some time, I will mention the tip for bring in a girl to your room without incurring the extra joiner fee or the extra bed charge.

Twin versus Single occupancy

In general, when you are booking a hotel room, always ask for a "double occupancy" room. The cost of the "double occupancy" room in some cases could be just a couple of hundred baht more, in most cases there is no difference. When you do this, most hotels will allow you to bring along a girl witnout the extra charge.

I.D. Checks

Some hotels do have the policy of keeping a record of the I.D. card of the girl that you bring in. This may seem like a hassle, but remember this, if there was any trouble, they would have a record of the girl's information. It may not seem foolproof, but it does act as a deterrent for the girl to steal from you. There have been stories, where guests have brought in a girl for the fear of embarrassment of being seen with a girl, and then ending having their belongings stolen and worst of all, there is no trace of that girl. Also, see this from the girl's point of view, if she knows that her I.D. card has not been recorded, she knows that she can get away scot free. From the hotel's viewpoint, they are going to have problems with the lost belongings of the guest. In fact, insist that you register the girl at the counter.

Your valueables

If you have too much money on you, or if you have some jewelry, keep it locked up in the hotel's safe or safe deposit box at the reception area. Losing a few thousand baht is not a problem, but losing your wedding ring or an expensive present for your spouse could be!

Choice of girls

This is a fairly important factor. If you get a girl from the go-go bar, remember the number she is wearing. At least if there was a problem, you could go back to the bar and create a ruckus with the manager the next day, unless of course you were leaving the next day. Freelancers on the streets could be a problem as they do not belong to any establishment, and there is no way to track them if they do not register their I.D. card at the counter. A good friend who picked up a freelancer outside Soi Cowboy, some time ago found himself drugged and articles stolen from his room. The one other gender you should watch out for are the transexuals (katoeys). The are notorious for stealing from their customers, especially the freelancers.

Okay, if you don't have a hotel room yet, check out the list here.

Getting more than one girl into the room

This tip is good for bring one girl along with you. If you intend to have a few girls (more than one) in your room, may I suggest that you rent a serviced apartment instead.

Serviced Apartment list







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