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Non-stop flights to Bangkok (Direct flights to Bangkok)

Planning to visit Bangkok? If you'd like to get here quickly without any of the lenghty stopovers, perhaps it is good to know the non-stop (direct) flights to Bangkok. Here is a list of them from the various cities around the world on the various airlines. For the detailed times of departures, please check with the respective airlines.



Origin Flight number Airines
Amman (Jordan) RJ180 Royal Jordanian (RJ)
Amsterdam  (Netherlands) BR076, CI066, KL877 Eva Airways (BR)
China Airlines (CI)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)
Athens (Greece) EK106/EK384, TG947 Emirates (EK)
Thai Airways (TG)
Auckland TG990 Thai Airways (TG)
Bangalore AI6326/8, TG326/8 Air India (AI)
Thai Airways (TG)
Beijing CA979, TG675/TG615, MS961, UL889 Air China (CA)
Thai Airways (TG)
Egyptair (MS)
Srilankan Airlines (UL)
Bombay TG318, AI6318/AI358, IC693, CX750 Thai Airways (TG)
Air India (AI)
Indian Airlines (IC)
Cathay Pacific (CX)
Brisbane TG984 Thai Airways (TG)
Copenhagen TG951, SK973 Scandinavian Airlines (SK)
Thai Airways (TG)
Delhi TG316, IC853, AI348 Air India (AI)
Indian Airlines (IC)
Thai Airways (TG)
Dhaka BG084, TG322 Birman Bangladesh Airlines (BG)
Thai Airways (TG)
Doha QR612/QR610 Qatar Airways
Dubai TG518/TG4500, EK6200/EK384 Emirates (EK)
Thai Airways (TG)
Dusseldorf LT750 LTU International Airways (LT)
Hanoi VN831, TG683/685, FD3703/3707 Thai AirAsia (FD)
Vietnam Airlines (VN)
Thai Airways (TG)
Helsinki AY097 Finnair (AY)
Hong Kong TG603/631/601/629/607, EK385/387, OX203, CX713/751/701/703/709, CI641, GF151, AI359, KA282, UL423, KQ231, PK892 Emirates (EK)
Thai Airways (TG)
Orient Thai Airways (OX)
Cathay Pacific (CX)
China Airlines (CI)
Gulf Air (GF)
Air India (AI)
Dragonair (KA)
Srilankan Airlines (UL)
Kenya Airlines (KQ)
Pakistan Int’l Airlines (PK)
Islamabad PK892 Pakistan Int’l Airlines (PK)
Istanbul TK060 Turkish Airlines (TK)
Jakarta TG434 Thai Airways (TG)
Kuala Lumpur AK880/882/884, MH9070/784/9066/782/780/9426, TG420/4702/416/4700/4704/418/4750, FD3572, IC854, LH783 Air Asia (AK)
Malaysia Airlines (MH)
Thai Airways (TG)
Thai AirAsia (FD)
Indian Airlines (IC)
Luftansa German Airlines (LH)
London TG911/917, BR066, BA09/7312, QF302/002, Thai Airways (TG)
Eva Airways (BR)
British Airways (BA)
Qantas Airways (QF)
Los Angeles TG795 Thai Airways (TG)
Macau FD3602/3604/3606, NX881 Thai AirAsia (FD)
Madrid TG949 Thai Airways (TG)
Melbourne TG994/982 Thai Airways (TG)
Moscow TG975, SU551 Aeroflot (SU)
Thai Airways (TG)
New York TG791 Thai Airways (TG)
Paris TG931, AF166 Air France (AF)
Thai Airways (TG)
Perth TG998 Thai Airways (TG)
Riyadh GF252 Gulf Air (GF)
Rome AZ7680, CI068, TG945/943 Alitalia (AZ)
China Airlines (CI)
Thai Airways (TG)
Shanghai MU547/8451/541/8453, TG6653/663/6651/665, AI349/6663, China Eastern Yunnian Airlines (MU)
Thai Airways (TG)
Air India (AI)
Singapore TG402/404/414/412/410, SQ60/62/64/68/974/996, 3K511/515/513, FD3502/3504/3506/3508, GA866, TR118/116, CX712, BG085, LX183, AY098 Thai Airways (TG)
Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Thai AirAsia (FD)
Garuda Indonesia (GA)
Cathay Pacific (CX)
Swiss Airline (LX)
Finnair (AY)
Stockholm TG961 Thai Airways (TG)
Sydney EK419, TG996, BA10/7311, QF301/001 British Airways (BA)
Emirates (EK)
Gulf Air (GF)
Thai Airways (TG)
Taipei CI065/067/693/641/695, AZ7681, BR211/067, TG637/635, KL878 Alitalia (AZ)
China Airlines (CI)
Eva Airways (BR)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)
Thai Airways (TG)
Tel Aviv LY81 El Al Israel Airlines (LY)
Tokyo SQ995, TG643/6003/641/677/6001, JL717/707, NH953/915, UA837, AA5834, NW27, AI309, BG073 American Airlines (AA)
Air India (AI)
Birman Bangladesh Airlines (BG)
Japan Airlines (JL)
All Nippon Airways (NH)
Northwest Airlines (NW)
Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Thai Airways (TG)
United Airlines (UL)
Vienna OS025, BR062 Eva Airways (BR)
Austrian Airlines (OS)
Zurich TG971/7101, LX4300/182 Swiss Airline (LX)
Thai Airways (TG)


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