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Pricing standards

This is the all time sensitive topic, especially when you are here in Thailand. Well, let me quickly get you used to the two-tier pricing system that exists here. You will see this almost everywhere! There is the local's price and the foreigner's price. At first you may find this annoying, but as some have put it, if you are earning so much more, you can afford it. Actually, what is really annoying, is that the term "local" is based on your skin color, it is not based on how long you have been here. You could have a permanent residence here, but so long as your a caucasian or non-Thai looking, you are a "farang". You get the higher price.

Massage prices

Well, we did a test. My American friend and I, decided to check out on the massage parlors on Ratchadapisek. We wanted to know what the price was, and so I got him to check it out alone, and here is what he got. For a normal body massage : 2,800 B (US$92) and side-line : 3,400 B (US$111). The local's price is 1,000 (US$33) less. As a tourist, I am sure you wouldn't mind too much, however, it is the residents here that have to put up with it, as the residents are earning local wages.

Now, after that being said, we can say that there are a few places that do not seem to practise this two-tier pricing system. Darling Massage (2,500B) and Annie's (1,000B) seem to charge the same rate. Check the soapy massage list.



















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