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Bar fines (establishment fee), paying the bar fine.

All of you heading out to go-go bars in Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP), or Soi Cowboy (SC) may inevitably take a girl out. Just thought this little bit of information might be of use to a newbie or perhaps, even the regulars. Whenever you want to get the girl out of the bar, you will need to pay a bar fine. The bar fine ranges from 500 B to 1,200 B, depending on the bar and the type of girl you are barfining. Barfines for go-go dancers are normally cheaper than barfines for a waitress, mamasan or a special show girl.

In general bar fines are approximately 500 B for most bars. There are some bars that charge 400B and some even higher. Interestingly, you are not limited to barfining the go-go girls only. You can also barfine the waitresses or in some cases the mamasans. If you are tired of the dancers, try taking the waitresses out, some of them are pretty hot! And most of them are not as hard core as the dancers.

For example in Long Gun (Soi Cowboy), the bar fine is 500 B, but if you want to bar fine the some of the show girls, they cost 600 B. In some establishments, the mamasans can be barfined at 600 B.

Establishment fines
Some bars on Soi 33, have higher bar fines, most of them more than 1,000B (1,200 – 1,600). At these prices they are pretty much in the same category as the night clubs. For example Pegasus charges 1,700 B (for non-members) and 1,500B (members) for the PR ladies. (See Pegasus pricing)

In Gentlemen’s Clubs like Forte or The Pent Executive Club, the establishment fee is based on number of drinks. On regular days, it is 10 drinks (10 x 350 B = 3,500 B), and during the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) it is 15 drinks. Some clubs impose the 15 drinks on the staff meeting days (which normally falls on a weekday) as well. This fee is paid to the establishment to allow you to take the girl out with you, there are no extras implied here.

Taking girls out on short trips
In some cases, if you want to go out on a holiday with a girl from the bar, she would ask you to pay for the bar fine for the number of days you will be taking her out, so that she can take off with you. For most bars, you simply pay a multiple of the days you will be taking her out. There is a bar in Nana Plaza, Carousel, which seems to have come up with volume discounts for bar fines, a discount of 100B for every 5 consecutive bar fines.

Apparently, this establishment fee works for the soapy massage parlors as well. If the girl wants to take off for a couple of days, she needs to pay, say 500B x 2. This is the case with Poseidon apparently. One of the girl's customer paid her for her fine to take her out on a long holiday. If you pay the establishment directly, it could cost you a lot of bahts, not sure how much, but something like 4,000B per day or more. So, those of you interested in getting the girls out of the fish tank (fish bowl), here is your chance.

For some Oil Massage shops, the take out fee on weekdays can range from 1,500 B – 3,000 B and on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) 3,000 B – 5,000 B. Many guys use this option to take girls out on some short vacations to other parts of Thailand. So, if you can't find your favorite girl in the massage parlor, now you know why.





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